Focused on protecting your privacy, Hip Fashion Shop is committed to ensuring the best level of protection of your personal data.


As part of its activities, Hip Fashion Shop offers its customers an e-commerce service accessible from


To provide its service, Hip Fashion Shop collects personal data of its customers. Data collection takes place on the Hip Fashion Shop website.


This item is intended to provide complete information about the use made by Hip Fashion Shop of the personal data of its customers.


Hip Fashion Shop, as Responsible for data processing, undertakes to comply with the legal provisions of Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of personal data.


In the forms of collection of this personal data in the site, in paper or via telephone, the Client is informed of the obligatory character or not of the collection of the data. In case you do not fill in one of the required field data, Hip Fashion Shop will not be able to provide your service.




The company that collects the personal data and processes the data is:


Antonio Rogerio Oliveira Costa., Headquartered at Praceta Capitão Salgueiro Maia, 32 4500-117 Espinho, under the single individual and tax number 172707390.




2.1.   Legal basis for treatments

The privacy of users is protected by law. Under the data protection law, the Hip Fashion Shop is only authorized to use users' personal data if it has a valid legal basis. Hip Fashion Shop shall ensure that it has one or more of the following legal bases:


·       The execution of a contract (for example to process and execute an order of goods or to open a Hip Fashion Shop account), or;

·       The execution of a legal obligation (eg retention of invoices), or;

·       When it is within the legitimate interest of Hip Fashion Shop, or;

·       When the user gave his consent.


A "legitimate interest" of Hip Fashion Shop should not run counter to the rights and freedoms of users. Examples of legitimate interests mentioned in the GDPR are prevention of fraud, direct marketing and sharing of data within a group of companies (such as the Hip Fashion Shop).


2.2.   The legal bases of Hip Fashion Shop

Hip Fashion Shop collects and stores your clients' personal data to perform the following treatments:


Why do we use your personal information?

What are our reasons?

·       Customer account, shopping cart and order management;

·       Execution of the contract between a Customer and Hip Fashion Shop

·       Hip Fashion Shop Legitimate Interest

·       Management of payment and credit operations

·       Execution of the contract between a Customer and Hip Fashion Shop

·      Management of delivery operations;

·       Execution of the contract between a Customer and Hip Fashion Shop

·       Customer relationship management (telephone / chat / e-mail / paper), follow-up of customer service orders, return of articles and refunds;

·       Execution of the contract between a Customer and Hip Fashion Shop

·       Registration of exchanges between customer service by telephone or chat; with the objective of improving the service provided.

·       Hip Fashion Shop's legitimate interest in improving quality of service

·       Customer satisfaction management (collection of customer opinions about articles and customer service performance);

·       Hip Fashion Shop's legitimate interest in improving the quality of articles and service

·       Combating fraud when paying the order and managing cases of non-payment after order;

·       Execution of the contract between a Customer and Hip Fashion Shop

·       Hip Fashion Shop's legitimate interest in improving quality of service

·       Statistical operations, analysis, selection and segmentation of customers to improve customer knowledge;

·       Execution of the contract between a Customer and Hip Fashion Shop

·       Hip Fashion Shop Legitimate Interest

·       Send marketing communications targeted by email, via mobile notifications, on social networks, on other websites or on any other medium;

·       Customer Consent

·       Legitimate interest in paper shipment submissions

·       Personalization of websites (mobile and desktop) and applications according to User preferences;

·       Customer Consent

·       Measurement of the number of visits to sites (mobile and desktop) and mobile applications;

·       Customer Consent

·       Providing sharing tools in social networks;

·       Customer Consent

·       Launch of contests and advertisements;

·       Hip Fashion Shop Legitimate Interest

·       Sharing information with trading partners;

·       Execution of the contract between a Customer and Hip Fashion Shop

·       Customer Consent (for operations for prospecting purposes)

For treatments that require consent, the user will have the possibility to withdraw or modify their consent through a request made by clicking here.




Your information is passed on to Hip Fashion Shop partners who can process the data for your account (they are recipients) or just for the account according to Hip Fashion Shop instructions (these are subcontracted).


The recipients of the data are:

- Financing and credit institutions

- Police authority in the framework of judicial requests in the fight against fraud

- Customs services in case of deliveries abroad

- Suppliers of products for parcels


Hip Fashion Shop also uses subcontracted services for the following operations:

- secure payment on sites and mobile applications

- combating fraud and recovery payments

- the dispatch of your orders and packages

- the management of chat, telephone calls, any recordings and the sending of postal mail

- customization of mobile content and applications

- the maintenance and technical development of Hip Fashion Shop's website, applications and information system.

- collecting customer opinions

- sending emails and mobile notifications


Hip Fashion Shop may also share personal data if the Group's structure changes in the future:

· In case of sale, transfer or merger of the company or a part thereof, or if Hip Fashion Shop acquires or merges with another company.

· If such a transaction occurs, Hip Fashion Shop will ensure that the other party respects the data protection legislation.




4.1.   What are my rights?

In applying articles 14 to 22 of Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, any natural person who uses the service may exercise the following rights:

- Right of access

- Right of rectification,

- Right of opposition and elimination in the treatment of your data

- Right of opposition

- Right to limit treatment,

- Right to portability of your data


Finally, when Hip Fashion Shop detects a violation of personal data likely to pose a high risk to your rights and freedoms, you will be informed of this violation in full detail.


4.2.   How can I exercise them?

These rights can be exercised with the Hip Fashion Shop which collected the personal data as follows:


By electronic mail,


The application must be accompanied by proof of identity.


Hip Fashion Shop will respond within 1 month after the exercise of the right. In some cases, linked to the complexity of the application or the number of applications, this period may be extended to 2 months.


4.3.   What are the consequences of exercising the right of opposition?

n the case of the exercise of the right to the opposition in the definition of profiles, the user is informed that he will continue to receive marketing communications but these will be less relevant and will not be the result of the segmentation of the centers of interest of the person.


4.4.   What to do next?

In the event of a lack of response or unsatisfactory response, the user has the right to appeal to the data protection supervisory authority of his / her country of residence:

· In Portugal, the CNPD:





The user can express, in advance, guidelines regarding the storage, deletion and communication of his personal data after his death, according to article 40-1 of law 78-17 of January 6, 1978. These guidelines may be general or particular.


You can formulate your advance directives by contacting us at and placing your order.




You are informed that your personal data may be transmitted, for the purpose of meeting the above objectives, to companies located outside the European Union. Before transferring outside the European Union, and in accordance with the law in force, Hip Fashion Shop implements all procedures required to obtain the necessary guarantees for the security of such transfers.


For more information on the framework for cross-border flows, please consult the European Commission website:





The Hip Fashion Shop has defined precise rules regarding the duration of the conservation / storage of personal data of the users.


7.1.   General rules relating to the management of the business relationship:

To calculate the duration of storage more precisely, Hip Fashion Shop distinguishes:


- people called 'prospects' who have never made any purchases at the Hip Fashion Shop or its partners

- the so-called 'customers' who have made at least 1 purchase


Different storage times will apply to prospects and customers.


For prospects, the starting point for the duration of storage is account creation.


As for customers, the starting point of the shelf life is the last purchase you made at Hip Fashion Shop.


7.2.   Specific rules for certain data processing:

For some types of treatment, data storage is targeted for specific durations.

Here are some examples:

· Order invoices are kept for 10 years.


For more information about the length of data storage applied by Hip Fashion Shop, you can contact the Data Protection Officer (see point 13).





8.1.   General rules

While responsible for data processing, Hip Fashion Shop takes all necessary precautions to preserve the security and confidentiality of the data, including preventing them from being tampered with, damaged or unauthorized third parties have access.


Hip Fashion Shop has implemented a strong security system to ensure maximum security of the collected data and to detect data breaches. This includes the physical security of the premises that house our systems, the security of the computer system to prevent external access to your data, and the fact that there are secure copies of your personal data.


When you use subcontractors, Hip Fashion Shop makes sure that they respect the law of data protection.


8.2.   Rules applicable to bank details and bank cards

To ensure payment security, Hip Fashion Shop uses the services of a provider, Hipay, PCI-DSS certified. This is an international security standard whose objectives are to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of cardholder data and thus ensure the protection of card and transaction data.

When you place an order at Hip Fashion Shop and choose payment by credit card, our system connects in real time to the system that collects your data and carries out the various checks to avoid abuse and fraud. The data is stored on Hipay's servers and is not transmitted to the Hip Fashion Shop servers at any time. Hipay makes the request for authorization from the bank and transmits a transaction number that allows transactions in the amount of the authorization.

In order to be able to debit the account at the time of billing or credit it on a return, Hipay stores the bank details associated with the authorization number, the time necessary to carry out the transaction (payments after the order is shipped) and for the treatment of any complaints (returns, disputes).

If you have chosen to register your bank cards, they will be automatically deactivated on the expiry date of your bank cards.

8.3.   Fighting internet fraud

To ensure the security of payments and deliveries and ensure a better quality of service, the personal data collected on the site are also treated by Hip Fashion Shop to determine the level of fraud risk associated with each order and eventually help the conditions for its implementation.







Hip Fashion Shop proposes you to access social networks to improve the business relationship and to propose specific marketing communications of those networks.


The use of social networks to interact with the Hip Fashion Shop (including, in particular, Facebook Messenger tools, Facebook Connect, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter "share" buttons) is susceptible to data exchange between Hip Fashion Shop and these networks social policies.


For example, if you are connected to the Facebook social network from your computer and see a page on the Hip Fashion Shop website, Facebook may collect that information. In the same way, if you click the "tweet" button on a Hip Fashion Shop website page, twitter collects this information.


Hip Fashion Shop invites you to consult the policies of personal data management of different social networks so that you have knowledge of the personal data that can be transmitted by them.




Under the general conditions of sale, it is necessary to be 18 years old to create an account on the Hip Fashion Shop website and make purchases.


When you create an account, you can communicate your child's data. The user may transmit to Hip Fashion Shop data of children under 16 years. To do this he will have to be the holder of the parental authority and give the express consent for the transmission of this data of minors to the Hip Fashion Shop.




11.1.                Principles applicable to Hip Fashion Shop

Hip Fashion Shop uses its coordinates to direct you to specific advertising, namely by email, postal mail, SMS, mobile notifications, on social networks or on third-party sites.


In this context, Hip Fashion Shop undertakes to respect the rules applicable to each prospect channel.


11.2.                E-mail and SMS tracking

The Hip Fashion Shop respects the rules laid down by Directive 2002/58 / EC of 12 July 2002, which provides for the prior and explicit collection of user consent for the sending of electronic business solicitation (e-mail or SMS).


So, when you create your account on the site, you are expressly asked for your consent:

- to receive offers from Hip Fashion Shop by email

- to receive offers from Hip Fashion Shop partners for which their coordinates will be transmitted

- accept that the data entered will be used by HipFashionShop so that we can (i) confirm your request, (ii) reproduce and, if necessary, (iii) manage the contractual relationship that may result.


Hip Fashion Shop will not send you personalized offers by email or SMS if you have not given your consent to do so.


There is one exception that resides in the hypothesis of the user, without having given his prior consent, to be already a customer of the Hip Fashion Shop and receive prospecting marketing communications with similar products and services.


In any case, the user has the possibility to oppose the receipt of marketing communications by doing the following actions:

- When creating the account, select "no" in the fields related to the prospect;

- For the e-mail, you can click the link to end the subscription that is present in each e-mail or go to your Hip Fashion Shop account, click on Identity and edit the field in the newsletter section;

- For SMS, you can go to your Hip Fashion Shop account under the newsletter line;

- Contacting Customer Service.


11.3.               Mobile app notifications

When you first open the Hip Fashion Shop mobile application on your smartphone, you must give authorization for mobile or Push notifications.


Hip Fashion Shop will then be able to approach you through this medium to make you commercial offers.


You can, at any time, turn off these notifications in your smartphone settings.


11.4.                Telephone commercial survey

Hip Fashion Shop has the possibility to contact you by phone to propose commercial offers of your products or services. If you do not want to receive these offers, you can contact the Customer Service and you will be taken from the contact list by phone.




When you use our Service, information relating to the navigation of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) is susceptible to being recorded in "Cookies" files installed in your terminal, depending on your choice of Cookies and change at any time.


12.1.                What is a cookie?

The term cookie includes several technologies that allow you to follow the navigation or a behavioral analysis of the internaut. These technologies are various and constantly evolving. There are, in particular, cookies, the tag, the pixel, the Javascript code.

The cookie is a small text file saved by your computer, tablet or smartphone's browsing program and allows you to save user data for easy navigation and allow certain features.

There are two types of cookies:

- cookies installed by Hip Fashion Shop for needs related to the navigation and operation of the site;
- the-third-party cookies installed by partner companies to identify their centers of interest and direct you personalized marketing communications. These third party cookies are directly generated by companies that edit them and must also respect the law of data protection.


12.2.                What are cookies, tags, and crawlers used for?

The Cookies that Hip Fashion Shop emits on the website and in the mobile application allow us to:

- to establish statistics and quantities of frequency and use of the various elements that make up our services. For this, we use cookies to measure audiences.

- adapt the presentation of our site according to the device used;

- adapt the presentation of our site according to the affinities of each user;

- store information about a form that you filled out on our site (registration or access to your account, subscriptions service, cart contents, etc.);

- allow the user to access reserved spaces of our site, such as your account, thanks to identifiers;

- implement security measures, for example when you are asked to re-enter your account after a certain amount of time;

- Share information with advertisers on other sites to provide you with relevant marketing communications that are appropriate for your interest. For this, we use advertising cookies.

- share information on social networks. For this, we use cookies that allow sharing on these networks.


12.3.                How to set up cookies, tags and crawlers?

According to Directive 2002/58 / CE of July 12, 2002, Hip Fashion Shop requests your prior consent for the installation of advertising cookies, audience measurement and sharing on social networks.


You may at any time express and modify your cookie choices and wishes by the means described below.


12.3.1.   Setting Up Your Browser

You can configure your browsing program so that the cookies are registered in your terminal or, on the contrary, that they are rejected, either systematically or according to your issuer. You can also configure your browser to accept or reject cookies on a timely basis before a cookie is written to your terminal.

How to exercise your choice, depending on which browser you use?

For the management of cookies and their choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to modify your choices regarding cookies.

In Internet Explorer ™:,

In Safari ™:,

On Chrome ™:,

In Firefox ™:,

In Opera ™:


12.3.2.   Setting up your smartphone's operating system

You can control the installation of Cookies on your smartphone in system rules.

On iOS:

On Android:


12.3.3.   Opposition list that allows you to manage the installation of cookies

You also have the possibility to oppose the installation of cookies by going to




13.1.                What are your missions?

The data protection officer appointed within the Hip Fashion Shop is responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations and rules described in this document.

It guarantees, in particular, the registration of personal data processing implemented by the company and ensures their compliance through regulation taking into account their evolution.

It ensures the awareness of the teams and responds to users who wish to exercise their rights regarding the personal data collected by Hip Fashion Shop.


13.2.                How to contact the Data Protection Officer?

You can contact the Data Protection Officer at


To know your rights better, go to the website of the respective controlling authority:

· In France, the CNIL:

· In the United Kingdom, ICO:

· In Spain, the AEPD:

· In Portugal, the CNPD:

· In Belgium, the CPVP:

· In Switzerland, PFPDT:
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